I feel about words the way I think some other people feel about food.

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Pull A U | The Kills

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While I was away with my family we drove each other insane a bit but then at night my brother, my sister and I found ourselves having these weirdly deep sleepover-conversations.

We’d have two trains of thought running at any given time; the first night we were explaining gun control and debating the pros and cons of the death penalty / the current prison system. At the same time we were also discussing what we would name a pet goat if we ever had one. (I would name my goat Tee, so that I could have a goat tee).

The second night we were talking about the Cold War/nuclear weapons, but also discussing Pixar films and whether my sister’s desire for a pet chameleon was a good idea at all (nope), what we would name the chameleon (Randall) and what we would do if we had chemeleonic powers of disguise (I would stand in front of a life-sized cutout of Scarlett Johansson a lot).

Strange times.

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  • Pissed: either angry or drunk. Sometimes both.
  • Piss easy: extremely easy.
  • Pissed off: either in the context of being angry, or having left a place.
  • Piss Up: an event containing alcohol.
  • Pissing down: Raining heavily.
  • Pissed on: usually used to describe being rained on.
  • Piss around: dawdle or delay; procrastinate.
  • Pissing contest: attempting to prove one's abilities are better than someone else's, for no discernible gain.
  • Piss faced (see also 'shitfaced'): inebriated.
  • Pissy: either angry, or something very small.
  • Piss-poor/piss-weak: weak or disappointing.
  • Piss head: Alcoholic individual.
  • As an example: George and some other piss head got into a pissing contest, where George put in a piss poor effort and got pissed off because it started pissing down. He'd figured it would be piss easy to win, so he was pissy and spent the rest of the afternoon pissing around before deciding to piss off and avoid getting pissed on any further by the rain.
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    but this could have been about lesbians
    ― me, right now, and about most things which aren’t about lesbians (via wolfbadtreepretty)
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    i find it interesting that when it comes to liking girls I’m just like GIRLS ALL GIRLS YES PERFECT GIRLS but with boys i’m like you must fit criteria 1-9 but 9 is optional only if you completely fill criteria 10-13 with a non-optional essay on 21st century sexism due by 5am


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