A haze that I can’t escape

The lyrics in the post below are from a song I wrote a few days ago, and really wish I could record right now. Unfortunately the list of reasons why I can’t is longer than the phone book. Maybe after exams if I can steal a functional microphone from somebody I’ll do it.
It’s a little guitar song and it’s quite folky/almost bluesy (though really I can only write blues in my favourite dreams, and to be honest I have never been able to figure out the genre of my own music, I need help with that.) Anyhow I am rather fond of this song at the moment, perhaps because it’s basically about my hatred for the HSC with lots of Sherlock allusions (which started unintentionally, actually.) So the HSC basically embodies all Moriarty’s evil. Sadly it lacks his sexy and awesome.

These days, they’re really something, they’re really something, I swear
And these days, they’ve got me jumping, right to the bottom of the stairs
These days, I just don’t know where I’m trying to go, I don’t care

That these days, I’m doing nothing, and I am going nowhere. 

Blogging about songs because I can’t record and post them. Life is great.

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